Andrew’s music interest began in 5th grade. He joined Westside Elementary School’s concert band as a trumpet player. Within a few years, his goal was to one day join the University of Georgia Redcoat Band.

Andrew continued playing trumpet through middle school and became drum major of the West Coffee Middle School Band in 7th and 8th grade. During this time, Andrew also picked up interest in percussion. His Uncle Joel mailed his 30-year-old drum set from Orlando, FL to Douglas, GA. Following the addition of 3 cymbals and a few drums heads, Andrew soon developed his percussion skills.

As a drummer, Andrew joined the First Baptist Church youth band as the only middle school member. He served five years until graduating high school. Andrew continued marching band in high school, became drum major of the Coffee High School Marching Band his junior and senior year.

Following one year of college, Andrew transferred to the University of Georgia and finally tried out for the UGA Redcoat Band. 410 total members, 70 of which are trumpets, make up the Redcoats.

During his three years as a Redcoat, the Georgia Bulldogs won an SEC Championship (2005), Peach Bowl (2006), and Sugar Bowl (2007). A new course of music set in after starting his graduate studies.

While a Redcoat, Andrew's music interest changed. Inspired by the neo-traditional country movement of the 1990s, Andrew attempted a new course in music – songwriting.

What began as a reunion with high school friends to produce a music video, Andrew developed a niche of writing catchy hooks. He then met producer Gary DiBenedetto in Moultrie, GA.

Andrew and Gary discovered mutual interests in music style. What began as an effort to produce material for music videos has evolved in Andrew’s first studio album under the label Runaway Cotton Records.

A New Tradition In Southern Sound is nothing more than a compilation of songs from a songwriter traveling the road to tradition. The music echoes a neo-traditional sound. The words echo country music history of a quality lyric.

“I got many clients today who want less steel (guitar). Then comes Andrew who is wanting me to bring it out. He really has a passion for that style.”

This style is the driver behind the production of Andrew's music videos. These videos encompass the definition of country music: life. You hear summertime songs, heartbreak songs, love songs, and even clean-humor, comical songs in the vault of Andrew's music videos. The best part is working with friends, family, co-workers, and folks in the community to put together these videos.

The latest single and music video, Tennessee, released on May 9, 2020 is an incredible song about Hank Williams. The video was shot in three locations including Hank's grave site in Montgomery, Alabama. The video features Andrew driving a 1971 GMC pick up truck, a radio overdub by "Lazy Len" Robinson of Classic County Midday from Thomasville, GA, and a good friend and colleague, Lee County Ag Agent, Mr. Doug Collins.

The photo above was taken from the band scene from She Left Me For My Friend in 2014. From L - R: Justin Ballew, Chris Orso, Andrew Sawyer and Kevin Davis.


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"People don't write music. It's given to them." -  Hank Williams

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